Shipping & returns

Shipping Policy 

Orders are normally fulfilled within seven working days.

Fresh products (like mozzarella cheese) are produced on daily basis and shipped within the same day (orders received within 14.00 hrs).

Orders received later than 14.00 hrs will be  fulfilled by using the day after production and dispatched within 12.00 hrs.

ITALYBYSKILL SRL is committed to promote periodical campaigns to save / minimize costs of delivery (i.e. free of charge deliri, groupie delivery for orders booked at least 5 days in advance, and so on).

Fresh products and products with shelf life less than 7 days will be not shipped on Friday, Saturday & Sunday unless delivery on the day after granted by the courier.


Considering the goods (food, wines, liqueurs and so on), ITALYBYSKILL SRL does not accept any item returned back  by the customers unless for  those included by the orders withdrawn according the provisions of "Terms & Conditions" Policy.

Prior shipment, each item is double checked by the relevant department and verified in terms of conditions and conformity to the information publicated on this web site. Company logo seal /stamps on the box provide the "objective evidence " of the control carried out with no remarks.

Non conformity of delivered products (i.e. items not compliant to the order or not ordered or different from those ordered) has to be represented to ITALYBYSKILL SRL via e-mail (info@italybyskill.com) and "objective evidences" (pictures taken prior removal of quality seal placed inside the box) attached as well.

ITALYBYSKILL SRL , will take Carew the case and after verification and acceptance of the "objective evidences" provided, will replace the "non compliant" products at its own expenses and inform the customer.

"Non compilant" products have to be left as they are , not opened and returned back to ITALYBYSKILL SRL which will arrange the pick up and take the costs.

Claims related to dissatisfaction of the customer about taste, smell, color, appearance etc of the purchased products will be not considered.

Products have been sealed at the origin by the makers and in no case they are alternated, modified and /or manipulated by the people in charge for shipment operations.